Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Concealed Carry Woes

I am not someone who generally complains about my lot in life.  I think I have it pretty good, and work hard to maintain said status because I like it. However, today has been rather frustrating for me so please pardon this rant.

Some kids go on a bar run for their 21st birthday - I happen to have applied for, and received, my firearm concealed carry permit for my 21st birthday. This makes me an 11 year veteran *gasp* for concealed carry, and never once have I had to use my firearm. Praise Jesus!

Promptly upon moving to Idaho, I took advantage of the reciprocity agreement between Washington and Idaho, and received a firearm concealed carry permit in The Gem State. I am now licensed to carry in two states, and am working on becoming licensed in Oregon because living on the state line sees me frequently there. This will result in being licensed and trained to conceal carry a firearm in three states, with 11 years of experience.

No follow along closely from here because it gets very confusing! I am a University of Idaho employee, stationed in a county owned building, duly licensed and experienced to carry a firearm concealed on my person. Simple right? Ha! (sarcasm)

The University of Idaho passed a controversial statute allowing for concealed carry on campuses for Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry licenses. My Washington license is the equivalent of the Idaho Enhanced license, however, I was not granted this level. I am enrolling in a course as soon as this entry is complete!

My county has a policy (pg. 100-101) stating no county employee but an on-duty law enforcement officer may carry a firearm (or pocket knife - which I am routinely guilty of, what farm kid isn't?). Remember, I am a University employee not a county employee.

The State of Idaho has preformed the required background checks into my life, previous licenses and residences and known alias' (which I don't have) and granted me the basic license to carry a firearm concealed in public areas (County ID # 1P3181). To add another level to the insanity, Idaho is also an open carry state: Meaning if I wanted to carry a loaded weapon around town I could.

I am running in circles and chasing my tail, watching the question of whether I can legally carry a firearm concealed in my office being pushed higher and higher up the ladder. Meanwhile, my frustration level is ratcheting up at a steady pace as I feel my 2nd Amendment rights being restricted.

Another anomaly I've encountered during this inquiry process is everyone seems to think something is wrong. As in I am fearful for my life, someone is threatening me, or I am going to go bat-shit (that one hasn't been voiced but it's there). Why does every one assume that? I wonder if I exude the weak and scared female vibe? I can honestly say if that's what people are picking up, it would literally be the first time in 32 years. Ha!

I will keep you all posted, but I don't look for this to be resolved at any time in the near future. I thought I'd include my philosophy on life today! :)

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